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Volunteer Opportunities

We are a very busy non-profit and we couldn't do what we do without the help of volunteers. There are so many areas where we need help. Listed below are the primary areas where we need volunteers. Let us know your interest!

Three Boards


  • Board of Directors – Current Open Positions: Treasurer, Vice President

  • Advisory Committee – Seeking professional advisors:  Animal Control Officers,  Police or Fire Officers, Lawyers, Accountant/Financial Advisor/Banker, Veterinarians

  • Officers of the Board – Oversee Committees


Ambassador/Volunteer Committees


Duties: Finding yearly events for us to attend and setting up all details with that event coordinator. Finding yearly Fundraisers that will earn  income for P4P. Host the Fundraiser and everything needed to make it a successful fundraiser. Get approval from board and get all info to our social media / networking group.

Social Media

Duties: To post daily to every social network page to keep P4P active in social media. Admins of all Social media pages, copy and paste the main post from our Facebook page being made daily to all other media outlets.


Duties: Writing press releases about upcoming events and outreach efforts to different media outlets to give P4P press coverage in Newspapers, Magazines, on-line, radio or TV.

Merchandise (Merch)

Duties: Help Photograph and post new merch to our on-line store as it comes in. Monitor the on-line store. Help ship any purchases. Design new Merch. Help in making new merch if Crafty. Handle organize the ordering or the ambassador jackets twice a year



Duties:  Sponsors: Find Local or national businesses or brands to give donations (ie: gift baskets, money) for fundraisers or projects in the works in exchange for our sponsorship levels.

Donations:  Contact business for donations of goods we use or need for outreach, ask for damaged, returned, irregular open items to be given to the cause. Also find out wholesale prices on items used.

Blog/V-log/FB Live

Duties: Blog written monthly about either event we have had/attended or about animal issues. Video blog on dog training to pinup hair and makeup hacks on a P4P YouTube channel. Go Live on our Facebook page from events, keeping our following up to date on happenings.


Duties: Each and every Ambassador is to share every event on their own personal pages. Any Group Facebook page they feel sharing an event or fundraiser that would be a helpful in spreading the word about said event or fundraiser. Share post from the main P4P Facebook page. Invite friends and family to the main page and street team pages. Tell people all about P4P and our Mission and Passion. Everyone is responsible in this group for Networking P4P in order to make our organization a success!


West Michigan

Duties: Run West Michigan Chapter Of P4P. Have a preform all the same duties as southeastern Chapter Just on the West side of the state. This Chapter follows all the same rules and reports to the board for approval and guidelines.


Community Outreach

Duties: To answer phone calls on animal welfare and to perform checks on “clients” (new and repeats) within the P4P program, hand out supplies when needed, help with transport, set up spay and neuter apt., educate and train clients in need. Performed only by a member of the board and always as a team, never alone.

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