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Our Mission
Our Mission

Pretties for Pitties is a Detroit, MI, based 501(c)3 non-profit, volunteer-run organization that serves pets and their families in Southeastern Michigan. Our fundamental goal is to reduce the number of pets in general, and pitbull-type dogs in particular, that are surrendered to overcrowded area shelters. We strive to meet this goal through advocacy, owner and public education, training, a community pet food bank, spay/neuter assistance, vaccinations, supplies, and micro chipping. Through our community outreach, animal welfare, and owner retention programs, we help loving pet owners overcome roadblocks to pet ownership by providing the resources necessary for them to keep their pets.

Our Vision
  • To continue expanding our programs in Southeastern, MI, as funds allow

  • To continue our current advocacy, education, training, food bank, spay/neuter, vaccination and micro chipping programs and add additional services as necessary to meet our program goals

  • To add a mobile low cost/no cost pet vaccine clinic to our current services to overcome transportation issues our clients may have and so that we can continue work with clients directly at their homes

  • To continue expanding our relationships with other local organizations, animal control, shelters, and rescues, and work together as a team to provide bigger
    impacts in our communities

  • To expand programs into the Grand Rapids and Battle Creek areas through additional volunteer recruitment and fundraising

  • To increase our use of grants and other funding sources to decrease our reliance on constant fundraising efforts so that we can direct more focus on our program goal

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